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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does my dog go to the bathroom?  If my dog is being boarded in the kennel does he/she go to the bathroom in their kennel?

A. ALL dogs being boarded with us go to the bathroom outside in our outdoor fenced area. If your dog is in the kennel he/she DOES NOT go to the bathroom in the kennel. We believe dogs shouldn't have to sleep where they relieve themselves, hence why all dogs go outside at least 6 times a day no matter what room you choose for your dog!

Q. Why is Badger Suites outdoor area concrete?

A. Our outdoor exercise and potty area is concrete for the following reasons:
-No fleas/ticks/bugs live in concrete, they live in grass!
-We can sanitize an area in a matter of seconds. (Area is sanitized as a whole every night, but washed all throughout the day).
-We want to keep your dogs CLEAN!
-No grass/plant allergies can arise during your pets stay.

Q. What if my dog doesn't go to the bathroom on the concrete?

A. Another plus to concrete, we can tell who has relieved themselves and who hasn't! If we notice your dog isn't relieving him/herself we will take them to the front of the building and see if they go to the bathroom on the grass. This has never been an issue but if it is, we are prepared.

Q. When my dog is nervous he/she doesn't eat.

A. This is very common. Usually a first time boarding dog will not eat the first night. If your dog is staying for a long period of time or is having an issue with not eating, our Chef (Lynn) is known around the building for her famous hamburger and rice.

Q. If my dog is in a suite will he/she have other dogs in the suite with him/her?

A. No, the suite that you reserve is your dogs and your dogs ONLY! Whatever you choose to keep your dog in, is where your dog(s) will eat, nap, and sleep for the night. If your dog gets along with other dogs he/she will be outside with others, in the playroom with others, or in the office with others. If your dog doesn't get along with others, they will simply have some one-on-one time with the staff and hang out with us in the office throughout the day!

Q. Is someone in the building overnight?

A. No, someone is not IN the building overnight. But we recently installed our brand new Camera Security System. We have access to the cameras all throughout the night when someone isn't around in the building. These cameras include sound, so even though not all the rooms are covered (yet) with a camera (all hallways are covered) we can hear the sounds of all the dogs.

Q. Do you take care of special needs or elderly dogs/cats?

A. Yes!! We will distribute meds, give shots, and take every step to make sure your dog/cat is comfortable. For the older/special needs dogs we have been recommending our "front suites" because we have full camera view of those suites 24/7.

Q. Can my dog be groomed while staying with you

A. Of course! We suggest that when you make your boarding appointment that you book a grooming appointment as well.

Q. Should my dogs still be groomed every 6-8 weeks even in the winter?

A. Yes, most dogs should be groomed every 6-8 weeks and that includes the winter! Letting your dog go without a proper groom during the winter months can cause extreme mats. This is extremely uncomfortable for your pet.

Q. Do you use one basic shampoo or a variety?

A. We have a large variety of shampoos. We first looks at your dogs skin and determine what shampoo what work best for your dogs coat/skin. We may ask to use a medicated shampoo or one of our lavender calming shampoos (these cost extra). Check out the "services" page to see the list of highly recommended packages and add ons we offer!


Ask Away!

Do you have any additional questions regarding your pets stay at Badger Suites Pet Motel?  Never hesitate to ask! Please feel free to contact us, or call us directly at (608) 757-2334!

More Than Just Veterinarian Recommended!

"Lynn and her staff are fantastic! They have been able to accommodate last minute changes and treat us like family. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful place to look after Madi!"

Terri B.

​"I have been taking my dogs to Badger Suites for years and cannot say enough good things about them! Lynn and her staff are wonderful! They have taken care of my dogs like they were their own pets and treat me like family!"

Vicki K.

"Compassionate and caring staff. Have been using Badger Suites for our dog and have been very happy with their services."

Connie H.